Stephanie Koziej, Ph.D.

Scholar-Artist working on the intersection of Critical Theory and the Arts. Tender Soul.

Picture by Bjørn Venø

Award-winning interdisciplinary researcher, artist, and educator working on the intersection of the humanities, arts, science, and technology. Specialised in theorising intimate connections through interactive art installations and research.


Ph.D. in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies. Emory University  
(2014 – 2020)
Artistic Dissertation: Tender Rhythms. Re-thinking Sexuality, Selfhood and Sociality Through the Hysteric’s Tender Desire. Transdisciplinary and intermodal project combining feminist, queer and psychoanalytic theory, neuroscience and Brain-Computer-Interface installation art. Using EEG brainwave synchronicity to translate (sonify and visualize) the invisible rhythms of intersubjective tender connections into music and visuals. Committee: Dr. C. Willett (advisor), Dr. D. Roy, Dr. C. Nouvet, Dr. K. Amin. Magna cum Laude

Psychoanalytic Institute Certificate. Emory University Psychoanalytic Institute
(2016 – 2020)
Core Program Non-Clinical Candidate

Fulbright Visiting Student, Johns Hopkins University
(2013 – 2014)
Intellectual History Student at the Humanities Center and Jazz Voice Student at Peabody Conservatory

MPhil in Philosophy, KU Leuven
(2009 – 2011)
Dissertation: Paraphilia and Rape from Krafft-Ebing to DSM-IV-TR (Prof. Andreas De Block). Magna cum Laude

Master in Philosophy, KU Leuven
Dissertation: Tenderness in Freud’s Three Essays (Prof. Paul Moyaert and Dr. Tomas Geyskens). Magna cum Laude

Bachelor in Philosophy minor Law, KU Leuven

Academic Work Experience


Oct. 2022 – ongoing Post-Doctoral Researcher in Philosophy Institute of Philosophy

  • Conduct post-graduate-level research on tenderness, on the intersection of feminist theory, psychoanalysis, queer theory and art.
  • Lecturer “Junior College Philosophy”, introductory classes for last-year Highschool Students
  • Apply for National Funding (FWO Post-Doc Fellowships, Marie Curie, etc)
  • Function as specialist tour-guide on subversive art for “Fitting In” exhibit at Z33 – House for Contemporary Art and Design
  • Curate Event around Sexuality and subversive art, for PILAR ASAP (VUB)


Sept. 2022 – ongoing Assistant Professor Philosophy, ZAP (5%) School for Social Sciences.

  • Responsible for the course Social, Political and Media Philosophy in the 1st phase of the Bachelor in Social Sciences. This course combines a critical introduction to philosophy, reading the traditional canon in tandem with fundamental texts from feminist, queer, de-colonial, and disability studies. The course is characterised by case-oriented teaching, in which students apply the philosophic and critical theory to practical and current societal issues.


May – Sept. 2022. Visiting Professor Gender Studies & Director Cntr for Research on Culture & Gender

  • Teach Feminist Anthropology, MA-level course
  • Advise 20+ internships on Feminism and Diversity
  • Advisor for 5 MA-thesis students
  • Reader of 12 MA-theses on Feminism and Diversity

LUCA School of Arts

Nov 2021 – March 2022. Researcher at Inter-Actions C-Mine

  • Create feminist, queer and de-colonial artistic methods
  • Write funding proposals (FWO Post-Doc Fellowship, FWO Project, and PWO)
  • Give multiple guest lectures and workshops on subversive art and artistic methods, from a feminist, queer, and de-colonial perspective


May – Aug. 2021. Visiting Artist-Researcher at Centre for Mind, Brain and Culture

  • Working on the project Brain-to-Brain Coupling and Synchronicity in Learning, with Prof. Dr. Dietrich Stout, Emory University
  • Develop, Design, and Execute a brain-computer-interface art installation
  • Conduct Research (incl Qualitative Data analysis)
  • Write Project Grants

Fields of Specialization

Art-Science-Technology •  STEAM • Feminist Theory • Feminist STS • Performance Studies •  Affect Studies • Continental Philosophy • Queer and Sexuality Studies • (Relational) Psychoanalysis •  Critical Race Studies • Disability Studies • Digital & Public Scholarship • History of Sexology • Neuroscience • Cultural Studies • Developmental Psychology

Science-Art collaboration • BCI-installation Art • Bio-Feedback & EEG installation-art • Media Art • Sound Installations • Voice (classic, jazz and pop) • Music Composition • Songwriting • Piano • Ukulele •  Music Theory • Ableton

Interdisciplinary Art Exhibits •  Art-Science-Technology Event Planning • STEAM Conference Programming  •  Media Art Event Organisation

Couples Coaching •  Relationship Coaching • Introduction to Clinical Psychoanalysis

Awards, Prices and Fellowships

PDM-type 1 Internal Funds, K.U. Leuven. €45.000. (Oct 2022 – Dec 2023)               

Emory Center for Brain, Mind, & Culture Grant for BCI-installation Tender Rhythms as part of summer research project on brain-to-brain coupling in learning with Dr. Dietrich Stout, $3.000. (Summer 2021)

Emory Center for Creativity & Arts Project Grant for BCI-installation Tender Rhythms  (Summer 2021) 

Mellon Professional Development Support Funds. (Summer 2020)     

Mellon Humanities PhD Interventions Project Public Scholarship Teaching Fellowship, $23.250 (2019-2020)

International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy Muriel Dimen Fellow for Tender Rhythms dissertation andBCI-installation (2019-2020)

Stephen A. Mitchell Paper Award for Towards a Tender Sexuality. From Freud’s implicit Taboo on Adult Erotic Tenderness, to the Unexplored Tender Critical Potential of Mitchell and Perel’s Clinical Practice (2019)

Neuropsychoanalytic Society Best Poster Prize for the poster and interactive sound and visual installation: Tender Rhythms. Brain Correlation in Dyads. A Biofeed-back Art Installation  (2019)

Biennial “Micky” Nardo Paper Prize for my paper “The Taboo on Adult Erotic Tenderness. A close reading of Freud and Kristeva’s work on Sexuality.” Atlanta Psychoanalytic Society (2018)

ORDER/IDEAS Fellowship for 2 semesters of co-teaching my research in the IDS 190 Freshman seminar, $2.500. (2017-2018)                   

APsaA Tuition support for Academics to attend the second year of the  Emory Psychoanalytic Institute Core Program. (2017-2018)                    

IPA Sacerdotti Prize for my paper “The Taboo on Adult Erotic Tenderness. A close reading of Freud and Kristeva’s work on Sexuality.” International Psychoanalytic Association (2017)  

IPA-Research Training Fellowship (2015)  

Laney Graduate Fellowship, five years of funding for graduate study, $ 116,000 (2014-2019)                    

Fulbright Award to attend Johns Hopkins Humanities Centre, $ 10.000 (2013)

American Woman club of Brussels award to attend Johns Hopkins Humanities Centre, $5.000 (2013)

Academic Conference Presentations

“Neuroscience, Relational Psychoanalysis and BCI-Art. Unexpected Bedfellows,” International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, Los Angeles. Recipient of the Muriel Dimen Fellowship. [Postponed due to Covid-19]

“Materializing Intersubjectivity and the Rhythmic Third Through Brainwave Synchronicity,” Division 39, New York. [remote due to Covid-19] (March 2021)                 

“An Auditory Interface for Realtime Brainwave Similarity in Dyads,” Audio Mostly, remote. (Sept 2020)                     

“Re-thinking Masochism through Tenderness,” Après-Coup, New York. [Postponed due to Covid-19] (Postp, May 2020)             

“Tenderness or Reliance, an Alternative Economy of Desire,” Kristeva Circle, Emory. (Oct 2019)                      

“Tender Rhythms,” Poster and Interactive Installation, NPSA, Satisfaction at Last. Neuropsychoanalysis on Sex, Drive and Enjoyment, Brussels Recipient of the Best Poster Prize. (July 2019)                      

“Towards a Tender Sexuality. From Freud’s implicit Taboo on Adult Erotic Tenderness, to the Unexplored Tender Critical Potential of Mitchell and Perel’s Clinical Practice,” Division 39, Resonant Voices. Sameness, Difference and Mutuality in the Consulting Room, Clinic and Community, Philadelphia. Recipient of the 2019 Stephan Mitchell Award. (Apr 2019)                      

“Björk’s Tender Erotics – Subverting Phallic Sexuality, and Carving out a space for a Tender Economy of Desire,” NWSA, Just Imagine. Imagining Justice, Atlanta. (Nov 2018) 

“Thinking Difference through Brain-Synchronization,” NWSA, Just Imagine. Imagining Justice, Atlanta. (Nov 2018)                     

“The Feminist and Queer Potential of Tenderness, a Forgotten Hysteric Affect.” Capacious, Affect Inquiry/Making Space, Lancaster. (Aug 2018)                     

“Carving out a Sonorous Space for an Alternative Subjectivity and Sociality.” Capacious, Affect Inquiry/Making Space, Lancaster. (Aug 2018)                     

“Tender Rhythms. Rethinking the Erotic, Subjectivity and Sociality through Tenderness.” Junior Key-note. Žižek Conference, Athens. (May 2018)                     

“The Taboo on Adult Erotic Tenderness. A close reading of Freud and Kristeva’s work on Sexuality.” Intimacy. 50th International Psychoanalytic Association Conference. Buenos Aires. Recipient of the 2017 IPA Sacerdoti Price. (July 2017)                      

“Becoming-Tender: Deleuze and Björk on Vulnerability.” Taking Flight, Assembling, Becoming, Queering. 10th international Deleuzian Studies Conference. Toronto. (June 2017)                     

“How can a Re-reading of Freud Benefit Feminist, Queer and Vulnerability Studies.” Affect and Social Justice, philoSOPHIA: Society for Continental Feminism. March 30, 2017 (workshop paper for ‘On the Idea of Vulnerability’ closed-workshop). (March 2017)                  

“In Search for Adult Erotic Tenderness. A Tender re-reading of Freud, Kristeva and Bersani.” Any Body, Anybody: The Matter of the Unconscious. SIPP-ISPP (International society for Psychoanalysis and Philosophy). (November 2016)            

“Adult Erotic Tenderness.” Psychoanalysis and Femininity. Psychoanalysis in our Time (NSU: Nordic University),Gdansk. (April 2016)

“Is Tenderness the Grave? Reflections on Adult Erotic Tenderness with Freud, Bersani, Lorde and Kristeva.” Studies in Sexuality Seminar with Darieck Scott, Emory. (January 2015)                 

“Looking for Tenderness in the Early Works of Freud.” Psychoanalytic Studies Program Lunch and Learn, Emory. (October 2015)             

Artistic (conference) Performances

“Tender Intimacies” [retrospective highlighting my Research and Art on Tenderness in conversation with other artist-scholars] ASAP “The Sexual Feeling/Healing Edition”, PILAR, VUB. (Upc, March 10th 2023 )

Tender Rhythms” [BCI-interactive sound & visual-installation]. Feest van de Filosofie. Hoger Instiuut voor Wijsbegeerte. KU Leuven. (April 2022)

Tender Rhythms” [BCI-interactive sound & visual-installation]. Maison Florida. The School, Hasselt. (April 2022)

Tender Rhythms” [BCI-interactive sound & visual-installation]. “Perspectives” on Neuroscience and Art, Sint-Gorikshallen, Brussel (Nov 2021)

“Tender Rhythms” [BCI-interactive sound & visual-installation]. Emory University Visual Arts Gallery, Atlanta. (July-Aug 2021)

“Crepuscular” and “Melancholic Lullabies” [Two immersive installation, using soundscapes, live music, live visuals and soft sculpture]. As part of GloAtl LAB, Symphony, Atlanta. (July 2021)

“The Melancholic Lullaby Project,” [Intimate music performance, voice and ukulele]. Virginia Highland Porchfest, Atlanta. (May 8th, 2021)                            

Tender Rhythms. Brain-synchronicity in Dyads,” [BCI-interactive sound-installation]. The Music, Art, and Technology Fair, Georgia Tech.(March 2020)                  

“Lullaby in Yoni.” [Music video/short film]. Scenes of Sound, The Bakery, Atlanta. (July 2019)                      

“Lullaby in Yoni.” [Interactive sound-installation]. Sensory Landscape, Ansley Park, Atlanta.(May 2019)   

“Musaïc. Giving voice to Affect Attunement and Brain Synchronization.” [BCI-interactive sound-installation]. Neuroscience Art Exhibition, Georgia State, Atlanta.(Dec 2018)                     

“Carving out a Sonorous Space for Tenderness.” [Interactive sound-scape]. Capacious, Affect Inquiry/Making Space, Lancaster. (Aug 2018 )

“Lullaby in Yoni.” [Music video/short film]. Bodies on Display, The Mammal Gallery, Atlanta. (Sept 2017)         

“The Lorelei, the Albatross and the Pine Tree,” [Voice and Music Composition for the poetry of Heine and Coleridge] with Moveius Contemporary Ballet and Parallel Octave, an improvising chorus. Montgomery Cultural Arts Center, Washington DCand the Arellano Theater, Baltimore. (Apr-May 2014)        

“The Melancholic Lullaby Project,” [Intimate music performance, voice and ukulele]. Multiple performances. (2014-2020)                    

  • Pete’s Candy Story, Brooklyn NY (2014)
  • Eddies Attic, Atlanta (2014-2018)
  • Red Light Café, Atlanta (2015)
  • Little Vinyl Lounge, Atlanta (2016)
  • 539, Atlanta (2016)
  • Online on my personal Instagram (2020)

Teaching Experience

courses I designed and taught myself


Upc, Spring 2022  – Introductie tot de Politieke, Sociale and Media Filosofie. (Assistant Professor)

  • BA-level introduction to the history of philosophy, with an emphasis on critical theory, feminist theory, queer theory and post-colonial theory
  • Practical seminar in which students apply the philosophical and critical theory to socially relevant “grand challenges.” In response students write a critical paper or create their own art work, artist statement. The class will culminate in a public art & poster exhibit

Emory University

Fall 2019 –  Love-Sex-Desire. The Subversive Power of Art. (Graduate Student)

  • Interdisciplinary and intermodal class in which students read critical theory in tandem with radical art. In response they created their own art work, artist statement and public art exhibit.
  • Awarded with the Emory Mellon Humanities PhD Interventions Project Public Scholarship Teaching Fellowship & Center for Faculty Development and Excellence Teaching Grant.
  • Course evaluation: 8.9/9

Fall 2017- Spring 2018 – Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar “Fifty Shades of Grey Areas”(Graduate Student)

  • Freshman seminar designed to introduce college students to cutting-edge graduate research, co-taught with 4 other Emory graduate scholars from psychology, anthropology and chemistry.
  • Awarded with the Emory ORDER/IDEAS Fellowship.
  • Course evaluation: 8.2/9

Spring 2016 – Fall 2017 – Introduction to Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, with Radical WGSS Art (Graduate Student)

  • Interdisciplinary and intermodal class in which students read the foundation of WGSS theory in tandem with radical WGSS art. In response they created their own art works and critical theory inspired artist statements.
  •   Course evaluation: 8.6/9

Interim Teaching


May-Sept 2022 – Feminist Anthropology. (Visiting Professor)

  • Ma-level Introduction to feminist anthropology theory and methods as part of the Master in Gender and Diversity
  • Mentor and evaluate students on auto-ethnography paper
  • Interim Professor for the second half of the course.

Teaching Assistant

Emory University

Spring 2016  –  Introduction to Studies in Sexuality (Teaching Assistant for Prof. Dr. Deboleena Roy’s class)

Fall 2015 –  Gender Trouble (Teaching Assistant for Prof. Dr. Lynn Huffer’s introductory course to WGSS)

Guest teaching


Febr – March 2022 – Multiple guest lectures on Philosophy of Freedom in light of “Junior College Philosophy,” for last year highschool students throughout Flanders

Febr – March 2022 – Multiple guest lectures on Philosophy of Science and Technology in light of “Junior College Philosophy” for last year highschool students throughout Flanders

Luca School of Arts, C-mine         

Dec 2021 – Febr 2023  – Multiple Guest Lectures on Subversive Methods in the Arts, through a feminist, queer, de-colonial and critical theory lens. Both on BA and MA level.

PIKOH Kusthumaniora Hasselt

Oct 2022 – Guest Lecture on Feminism and Subversive Art for last year highschool students

Oct  2021 – Guest Lecture on Feminism and Subversive Art for last year highschool students

The Global Center for Advances Studies

Dec 2016  –  Psychoanalytic aspects of Tenderness (Master class)

  • Guest lecture for the Graduate level master class on Tenderness in Freud, Kristeva and Bersani’s work, for the Graduate seminar “Anthropology of Gender and Cultures – Psychoanalysis: Patriarchy and Subversion; Or, Psychoanalytic Anthropology after Freud: The Death of Sexual Instinct.” Instructor. Dr. Julie Resche.

Curation & Art Conference Organization

Upc, March 10th 2023  – Tender Intimacies. ASAP “The Sexual Feeling/Healing Edition””, PILAR, VUB.

  • Curator of Workshop and Lecture-Performance bringing together a handful of artis-scholars working on re-thinking hegemonic notions of sexuality through intimacy
  • Invited by Ohme

July 29-Aug 1 2021    – Tender Rhythms [BCI-interactive sound & visual-installation]. Emory University Visual Arts Gallery, Atlanta. 

  • Art Director, Organizer, and Curator for the development and exhibit of this collaboratory Art Installation
  • Fund Raising; PR; poster, flyer, and event design; coordinate visitors and logistics
  • Write artist and exhibit statement and come up with the concept 

Dec 12 2019  – All Tied Up: Unraveling Love, Sex and Desire, Emory Visual Art Gallery.

  • Curation of student exhibit showcasing their radical WGSS related subversive art.
  • As the instructor of the class I was in charge of all aspects of curation: from fundraising and venue selection, to installation logistics, art and exhibit statements, poster and space design + PR

Nov 2019 – Birth of Pleasure -Screening, Emory Premier.

  • Curator: Film selection, screening, organizing discussion and Q&A with film director, artistic director, choreographer, dancers and music composer
  • Obtaining film rights, speaker logistics, poster design and PR

Nov 2018 – Oct 2019 – Movie Mania, psychoanalytic institute, Emory.

  • Curator. Film Screening followed by a presentation & discussion by a specialist in the field.
  • As main organizer I was in charge of everything from obtaining the rights for the movies, to speaker logistics, poster design and PR.

March 17-18, 2017  –  Critical Juncture. The Work of Art. Intersections of Race, Sexuality, Gender and  Disability, Emory.    

  • Chairman, Main Organizer and Curator of this pioneering Interdisciplinary Art and Science event at Emory University
  • A two-day academic conference featuring interdisciplinary research in art, humanities, public health, and science. Organized with graduate students from the Goizueta Business School, Rollins School of Public Health and the Emory Medical School
  • I oversaw fundraising, design and conference production, including interdisciplinary panelists, keynote speakers, and multimedia arts programming
  • Funding for $27,300 by:
    • Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry
    • Emory Center for Faculty Development and Engagement
    • Emory office of the Provost
    • Laney Graduate School “New Thinkers, New Leaders” Grant
    • Emory Disability Studies Initiative
    • And a handful of Emory Departments across the science, art and humanities spectrum


Academic Articles

Forthc. 2023. “Carving out a Sonorous Space for Erotic Tenderness. A Deleuze and Guattarian Reading of Björk’s Becoming-Tender as Queer.” Deleuze Studies. (Accepted).

Sept. 2020. “An Auditory Interface for Realtime Brainwave Similarity in Dyads.” Journal of the Audio Engineering Society. Special Issue on Augmented and Participatory Sound and Music Interaction Using Semantic Audio (Accepted). (co-authored with Dr. Michael Winters). link

Nov, 2019. “Towards a Tender Sexuality. From Freud’s implicit Taboo on Adult  Erotic Tenderness, to the Unexplored Tender Critical Potential of Mitchell and Perel’s Clinical Practice.” Psychoanalytic Psychology. link

Book Chapters

Fortc, 2023. “De (on)mogelijkheid van volwassen tederheid. #MeToo en een hedendaags geval van volwassen Confusion of Tongues.”. In: Het Kinderlijk Trauma. Franckx C. & Hebbrecht M. (eds.). Gompes & Svacina. Antwerpen.

2015. “Hoe Freud de tedere geliefden vergat. Het gebrek aan zinnelijke én tedere seksualiteit in Freud’s Drie verhandelingen over de theorie van de seksualiteit” in Psychoanalyse als seksuologie? Libido van gesel tot gezel ed. by  Kinet Mark and Baeten Koen. Galant.

2010. “Rape: Unlawful but not Unhealthy? A Philosophical Analysis”. In: Gavin H. and Bent, J. Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll: Psychological, Legal and Cultural Examination of Sex and Sexuality. link


2018. Conference Review Intimacy by IPA. “Intimacy.” In: Tijdschrift voor Psychoanalyse, 24, no. 1.

2017. Book Review of Psychoanalysis Beyond the End of Metaphysics. Thinking Towards the Post-Relational by Robin S. Brown. “Opzoek naar het subject in the relationele school.” In: Tijdschrift voor Psychoanalyse, 23, no. 3.

2017. Book Review of Ghost Stories for Darwin: The Science of Variation and the Politics of Diversityby Banu Subramaniam.“M(o)urning Glories.” Feminist Formations. Johns Hopkins University press. Vol 29, Is 1, Spring 2017, pp. 182-7. (co-authored with Anna Kurowicka, Kevin McPherson, Lily Oster, Dr. Deboleena Roy, Caroline Warren, Samia Vasa).

2013. Conference Review Van Sade tot Sadism by Idesça. Review of De Sade. “Sade Revisited.” In: Tijdschrift voor Psychoanalyse, 19, no. 3.


Jan. 11, 2016. “Keulen en de mythe van ‘de andere’ als verkrachter.” In De Wereld link

Other Research Experience & Academic Services

Member of the Review Committee for the American Psychological Association’s Interdisciplinary Conference on Technology, Mind, and Society. (May-June 2021)

Speaker at Interdisciplinary Workshop on the integration of Arts and Sciences, with Prof. Dr. Lydia Marie and Prof. Dr. David Lynn, Emory University. (May, 2021)

Internship and Mentoring Program, Bojana Ginn Studio. (March 2021-June 2021)

Reviewer and editor for Journal: Capacious Journal for Emerging Affect Inquiry. (Feb 2020-ongoing)    

Participant A2RU Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities, Kansas. (Nov 2019)

Participant Open Humanities Graduate Student Workshop, Emory Woodruff Library. (Oct 2019)

Participant Emory Center for Digital Scholarship’s Technology, Pedagogy, Curriculum + Research Program. (Jan-March 2019)                   

Participant Lacan’s “Kant with Sade” and its Relevance for Today’s Culture and Clinic.  Specialist Winter School. University of Ghent, Dep. of Psychoanalysis and Clinical Consulting. (7-9 Jan 2019)

Served as Research Assistant for. Dr. Beverly Stout, MD, Atlanta Psychoanalytic Institute and Psychiatry Department, Emory. (June 2018)

Participant of the Affect Studies, Sawyer Seminar, Emory. (2016-2017)                   

Participant IPA-Research Training Program at the Yale Child Study Centre, presenting my current research. (July 2015)

Participant Psychoanalysis Summer School, University of Amsterdam. (July 2015)

Served as Research Assistant for. Dr. Holloway Sparks, Ph.D., Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department, Emory. (spring 2015)

Participant Fulbright Enrichment Seminar and Workshops on Art and Culture, Philadelphia. (May 2014)

Participant Fulbright Leadership and Gateway Seminar, Miami. (Aug 2013)


Core Knowledge Program in Sexuality. Buehler Institute. (July 2020-Ongoing)        

Level 1 and 2 Couples Therapy. Gottman Institute. (July 2020-Ongoing)                      

Relationship Coaching. Relationship Hero. (Febr. 2022)    

Relationship Coaching. IAP College. (Oct 2021-Jan 2022)              

Core-Program in Psychoanalysis. Emory University Psychoanalytic Institute. (2016-2020)               


Limburg Kunstenoverleg (LIKO)

April 2022 – Aug 2022. Coordinator

  • Develop LIKO’s organisational model as a sustainable network platform between Limburg professional artists, Limburg art organisations, national and local governments and intermediary organisations (Kunstenpunt, OP/TIL, Cultuurloket)
  • Organise knowledge sharing activities, information sessions, and workshops on subsidy lines for Limburg artists and art organisations on art and culture subsidies
  • Ensure communication about the network platform to the cultural sector in general and the Limburg arts sector in particular
  • Develop an action plan in which LIKO takes on an ambitious and versatile role in the development of talented professional artists: inspiring, initiating and facilitating
  • Consult on Diversity and Inclusion issues, e.g., for the opening evening of “Fitting In” Exhibit (for Z33. House for Contemporary Arts)

Tender Hearts LLC (link)

Jan. 2021 – Sept. 2021. Artistic Director, Consultant, Coach & Owner

  • Design artistic immersive experience that contemplate relationships, tenderness, and intimacy
  • Write project grants, and conduct Research on relationship, intimacy, and tenderness
  • Consult companies who work on relationship, intimacy related issues
  • Coach individuals or couples on relationship, intimacy, and tenderness related topics

OneUp Innovations

Oct.-Nov. 2020. Diversity and Inclusion Social Media Manager & Content Creator

  • Design, manage and create content for social media planforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter), blog and website
  • Analyze existing content and marketing materials and come up with a strategy to create more diverse and inclusive content
  • Collaborate with and manage the creative team to develop diverse and inclusive digital marketing strategy and content
  • Communicate with followers, influencers and collaborators


May-June 2020. SEO-editor and Content Creator (internship)

  • O.School is an intersectional online sexual education platform 
  • Create new and edit/enhance existing articles on sexuality and intimacy to include SEO characteristics to make the overall text more appealing to search engines and readers.

Emory University

2014-2020. Graduate Researcher and Teacher

  • Conduct graduate-level research on the intersection of the humanities, art, science and technology. 
  • Presented research at 20+ competitive (inter)national conferences  
  • published award-winning articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals  
  • Solo and collaborate cross-disciplinary teaching and curriculum development of four interdisciplinary college courses on feminism and the radical potential of subversive  
  • Organization and curation of multiple conferences, didactic programs and exhibits. Responsible for fundraising ($20.500), logistics, team management, event planning, marketing, poster and exhibit design.

KU Leuven

 Aug 2010-Aug 2012. Resident Assistant for the International Student Residence J.L.Vives.   

  • Building a residential community for 45 international students through programming social events, acting as a para-counselor, being a familiar first resource with academic or institutional questions, and enforcing residence policies.
  • As an RA I had to balance my own schedule and priorities with the needs of the students I was supporting. Above all, I had to be an example and uphold professional and personal accountability as outlined by the institution.

June 2010. Translator Dutch-English

  • Translation of academic scientific articles and audio recordings

Dec 2009-Febr 2010. Library Assistant Philosophy Library

  • Customer service and surveillance 

Apr 2009-Aug 2009. Administrative Assistant Philosophy Department

  • Preparation, logistics and customer service before and during scientific conferences
  • Written and spoken communication with conference goers
  • Scanning of Antique manuscripts,

Sep 2008-June 2009. Administrative Assistant and Receptionist R&D

  • Customer service including redirecting phone calls
  • Surveillance of R&D building