Overview Teaching Experience

  • Fall 2019 Sex-Love-Desire, Various Topics in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Emory.
  • Spring 2016 Introduction to Studies in Sexuality Teaching Assistant for Prof. Dr. Deboleena Roy’s intro class, Emory.
  • Dec 2016 Psychoanalytic aspects of Tenderness Graduate level mast class on Tenderness in Freud, Kristeva and Bersani’s work, for the Graduate seminar “Anthropology of Gender and Cultures – Psychoanalysis: Patriarchy and Subversion; Or, Psychoanalytic Anthropology after Freud: The Death of Sexual Instinct”. Instructor. Dr. Julie Resche, The Global Center for Advanced Studies.
  • Fall 2015 Gender Trouble Teaching Assistant for Prof. Dr. Lynn Huffer’s introductory course to WGSS, Emory.