Artistic (conference) Performances

“Tender Rhythms. Retrospective.” [Mixed digital sound and installation art]. South River Studios, Atlanta. (Postp, May 2020)             

“Tender Rhythms. Brain-synchronicity in Dyads,” [BCI-interactive sound & visual-installation]. The Bakery, Atlanta. (Postp, April 2020)            

“Tender Rhythms. Brain-synchronicity in Dyads,” [BCI-interactive sound-installation]. The Music, Art, and Technology Fair, Georgia Tech.(March 2020)                  

“Lullaby in Yoni.” [Music video/short film]. Scenes of Sound, The Bakery, Atlanta. (July 2019)                      

“Lullaby in Yoni.” [Interactive sound-installation]. Sensory Landscape, Ansley Park, Atlanta.(May 2019)   

“Musaïc. Giving voice to Affect Attunement and Brain Synchronization.” [BCI-interactive sound-installation]. Neuroscience Art Exhibition, Georgia State, Atlanta.(Dec 2018)                     

“Carving out a Sonorous Space for Tenderness.” [Interactive sound-scape]. Capacious, Affect Inquiry/Making Space, Lancaster. (Aug 2018 )

“Lullaby in Yoni.” [Music video/short film]. Bodies on Display, The Mammal Gallery, Atlanta. (Sept 2017)         

“The Lorelei, the Albatross and the Pine Tree,” [Voice and Music Composition for the poetry of Heine and Coleridge] with Moveius Contemporary Ballet and Parallel Octave, an improvising chorus. Montgomery Cultural Arts Center, Washington DCand the Arellano Theater, Baltimore. (Apr-May 2014)        

“The Melancholic Lullaby Project,” [Intimate music performance, voice and ukulele]. Multiple performances. (2014-2020)                    

  • Pete’s Candy Story, Brooklyn NY (2014)
  • Eddies Attic, Atlanta (2014-2018)
  • Red Light Café, Atlanta (2015)
  • Little Vinyl Lounge, Atlanta (2016)
  • 539, Atlanta (2016)
  • Online on my personal Instagram (2020)

Academic Conference Presentations

“Neuroscience, Relational Psychoanalysis and BCI-Art. Unexpected Bedfellows,” International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, Los Angeles. Recipient of the Muriel Dimen Fellowship. (Upc., June 2022)             

“Materializing Intersubjectivity and the Rhythmic Third Through Brainwave Synchronicity,” Division 39, New York. [remote due to Covid-19] (March 2021)                 

“An Auditory Interface for Realtime Brainwave Similarity in Dyads,” Audio Mostly, remote. (Sept 2020)                     

“Re-thinking Masochism through Tenderness,” Après-Coup, New York. [Postponed due to Covid-19] (Postp, May 2020)             

“Tenderness or Reliance, an Alternative Economy of Desire,” Kristeva Circle, Emory. (Oct 2019)                      

“Tender Rhythms,” Poster and Interactive Installation, NPSA, Satisfaction at Last. Neuropsychoanalysis on Sex, Drive and Enjoyment, Brussels Recipient of the Best Poster Prize. (July 2019)                      

“Towards a Tender Sexuality. From Freud’s implicit Taboo on Adult Erotic Tenderness, to the Unexplored Tender Critical Potential of Mitchell and Perel’s Clinical Practice,” Division 39, Resonant Voices. Sameness, Difference and Mutuality in the Consulting Room, Clinic and Community, Philadelphia. Recipient of the 2019 Stephan Mitchell Award. (Apr 2019)                      

“Björk’s Tender Erotics – Subverting Phallic Sexuality, and Carving out a space for a Tender Economy of Desire,” NWSA, Just Imagine. Imagining Justice, Atlanta. (Nov 2018) 

“Thinking Difference through Brain-Synchronization,” NWSA, Just Imagine. Imagining Justice, Atlanta. (Nov 2018)                     

“The Feminist and Queer Potential of Tenderness, a Forgotten Hysteric Affect.” Capacious, Affect Inquiry/Making Space, Lancaster. (Aug 2018)                     

“Carving out a Sonorous Space for an Alternative Subjectivity and Sociality.” Capacious, Affect Inquiry/Making Space, Lancaster. (Aug 2018)                     

“Tender Rhythms. Rethinking the Erotic, Subjectivity and Sociality through Tenderness.” Junior Key-note. Žižek Conference, Athens. (May 2018)                     

“The Taboo on Adult Erotic Tenderness. A close reading of Freud and Kristeva’s work on Sexuality.” Intimacy. 50th International Psychoanalytic Association Conference. Buenos Aires. Recipient of the 2017 IPA Sacerdoti Price. (July 2017)                      

“Becoming-Tender: Deleuze and Björk on Vulnerability.” Taking Flight, Assembling, Becoming, Queering. 10th international Deleuzian Studies Conference. Toronto. (June 2017)                     

“How can a Re-reading of Freud Benefit Feminist, Queer and Vulnerability Studies.” Affect and Social Justice, philoSOPHIA: Society for Continental Feminism. March 30, 2017 (workshop paper for ‘On the Idea of Vulnerability’ closed-workshop). (March 2017)                  

“In Search for Adult Erotic Tenderness. A Tender re-reading of Freud, Kristeva and Bersani.” Any Body, Anybody: The Matter of the Unconscious. SIPP-ISPP (International society for Psychoanalysis and Philosophy). (November 2016)            

“Adult Erotic Tenderness.” Psychoanalysis and Femininity. Psychoanalysis in our Time (NSU: Nordic University),Gdansk. (April 2016)

“Is Tenderness the Grave? Reflections on Adult Erotic Tenderness with Freud, Bersani, Lorde and Kristeva.” Studies in Sexuality Seminar with Darieck Scott, Emory. (January 2015)                 

“Looking for Tenderness in the Early Works of Freud.” Psychoanalytic Studies Program Lunch and Learn, Emory. (October 2015) 

Awards, Prices and Fellowships

Mellon Professional Development Support Funds (the largest supporter of the arts and the humanities in the US) (Summer 2020)

Emory Center for Creativity & Arts Project Grant for BCI-installation Tender Rhythms. (Spring 2020)                    

Mellon Humanities PhD Interventions Project Public Scholarship Teaching Fellowship for the 2019–2020 academic year ($23,250) (2019-2020)                    

International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy Muriel Dimen Fellow for Tender Rhythms dissertation andBCI-installation (2019-2020) 

Stephen A. Mitchell Paper Award for Towards a Tender Sexuality. From Freud’s implicit Taboo on Adult Erotic Tenderness, to the Unexplored Tender Critical Potential of Mitchell and Perel’s Clinical Practice (2019) 

Neuropsychoanalytic Society Best Poster Prize for the poster and interactive sound and visual installation: Tender Rhythms. Brain Correlation in Dyads. A Biofeed-back Art Installation (2019) 

Biennial “Micky” Nardo Paper Prize for my paper “The Taboo on Adult Erotic Tenderness. A close reading of Freud and Kristeva’s work on Sexuality.” Atlanta Psychoanalytic Society (2018) 

ORDER/IDEAS Fellowship for 2 semesters of co-teaching my research in the IDS 190 Freshman seminar ($2.500)(2017-2018)

APsaA Tuition support for Academics to attend the second year of the  Emory Psychoanalytic Institute Core Program (2017-2018)

IPA Sacerdotti Prize for my paper “The Taboo on Adult Erotic Tenderness. A close reading of Freud and Kristeva’s work on Sexuality.” International Psychoanalytic Association (2017) 

IPA-Research Training Program Fellowship (2015)  

Laney Graduate Fellowship, five years of funding for graduate study ($ 116,000) (2014-2019)                    

Fulbright Award to attend Johns Hopkins Humanities Centre ($ 10.000)(2013)

American Woman club of Brussels award to attend Johns Hopkins Humanities Centre ($5.000)(2013)