Tender Rhythms is an interactive installation using real-time EEG bio-feedback to sonically and visually represent tenderness and the co-created tender third. Tender Rhythms starts from the claim that language both presupposes a coherent and autonomous subject and a binary logic in which the self is split of from the other. This interactive installation gives voice to two different kind of entities: 1) a kind of subjectivity that is not coherent and self-sufficient, but instead open and porous because the other created a holding space in which such openness is made possible, safe and applauded. And 2) a co-created entity which is not reducible to the binary logic of self vs other, but transcends this logic by creating an in-between ‘thing’ made up of parts of both.

Tender Rhythms was made possible in collaboration with Doctoral Candidate in Music Technology R. Michael Winters and VR and Interactive Installation artist Daniel Sabio.

Concept: Stephanie Koziej and Mike Winters
visuals: Daniel Sabio
music: Daniel Sabio

Tender Rhythms premiered in Brussels on July 18th at the Neuropsychoanalysis Society conference: Satisfaction at Last. Neuropsychoanalysis on Sex, Drive and Enjoyment, where installation won the NPSA prize for BEST POSTER.

Tender Rhythms will form the artistic chapter of my eponymous doctoral dissertation.