This upcoming Sunday, May 19th, my sound and visual installation Lullaby in Yoni will be part of the outdoor exhibit sensory landscape in Atlanta’s Ansley Park. Together with 7 other artists, the installation will ponder communication through the senses, transcending the spoken word. Sensory Landscape is linguistics grad student Birney Robert’s curation debut, in which she combines her love for nature, passion for art and fascination with the limits of language.

The other 7 participating artists are Peter Bahouth, Scott Houston, Stephanie Johnson, Arianna Khmelniuk, Becky Shanks, Bjørn Venø, and Blake Weeks

Join us for a delicious treat to your senses!

All graphics for this exhibit were created by Kyle Morais

some important information:

-address: 125 Park Ln NE, Atlanta, GA 30309, United States (PLEASE NOTE this exhibit is in the PARK right by this address, don’t go to the house, but to the park next to the house)!!!

-Please wear comfortable walking shoes, as this is a trail walk, and please do not wear any perfumes. There won’t be any restroom at this event, please plan accordingly.