Naked Bag is an ongoing performance art piece problematizing the sexualization of female nudity in the North American context. Naked Bag was a direct reply to the 2015 debates around the legality of public breastfeeding in The United States. Juxtaposing this debate with the abundance of sexualized female nudity in the media and public marketing campaigns, I created Naked Bag as a response. The piece shows a gray print of my own naked body on a handbag. The image was edited by Mexican photographer Pastor Sotto. By printing my nude body on an object I often use, I aim to highlight and subvert the sexism and misogyny at the core of these debates and depictions, as well as declutch my body from the objectifying sexualization of the male-gaze.

Concept, model, performance: Stephanie Koziej

Photography: Pastor Sotto and Stephanie Koziej