In this interview, I tell artist Meredith Kooi more about my research and music. This interview was part of the installation “Enter the Bucky Dome Zone”, a temporary communication platform open to the public that constructs radio as participatory, shared space. The dome serves as a research and broadcast facility that houses resources for research, broadcasting, and sound-making.

Buckminster Fuller (1895 – 1983), nicknamed Bucky, was many things: an inventor, architect, designer, author. One of his best-known designs is the geodesic dome, the goal of which is to provide efficient and structurally sound shelter. Mark Wigley writes in his book Buckminster Fuller Inc.: Architecture in the Age of Radio that the “defining characteristic of radio is its disinterest in objects. It literally passes right through them. Yet the objects around are located, marked, connected, exposed, infiltrated, monitored, reorganized, promoted, locked, archived, protected, dissolved, and even destroyed in the space of radio signals” (2015, 14). The structure of ENTER THE BUCKY DOME ZONE is contained yet open, allowing for simultaneous incubation and circulation of ideas. (source: Meredith Kooi)