From Academia to Inclusive User Experience Research

Hi, I am Stephanie and I am an award-winning researcher working on the intersection between the humanities, art, science, and technology. I am passionate about connecting people, innovation, and inclusivity. For the past 8 years, I have been deeply embedded in R&D and D&I leading complex research projects that use multi-disciplinary methods and UX design principles to create inclusive and user friendly designs.


My Selected Projects

Work Experience

Visiting Artist-Researcher | Emory Center for Mind, Brain, and Culture
(April – Current)

  • Develop, Design, and execute a brain-computer interface art installation (>)
  • Manage complex projects from start to finish
    • Conduct research, present findings and write project grants on brain-to-brain coupling and synchronicity in learning
    • Collaborated with designers & engineers to create innovative products based on UX principles
    • Train others to operate emergent EEG technology

Consultant, Coach and Owner | Tender Hearts LLC (Jan – Current)

  • Consult & coach individuals and companies on relationship as well as D&I related issues
    • Design and exhibit artistic experiences, workshops, and content 
    • Analyze existing content & marketing materials while creating strategies to create D&I content 
    • Collaborate with and manage creative teams to develop D&I digital marketingstrategy content 

Graduate Researcher and Instructor | Emory University
(2014 – 2020)

  • Conduct & Present research on D&I, and art + science + technology at 20+competitive international conferences (>)
  • Write a 300-page dissertation and publish award-winning articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals (>)
  • 5 years of innovative and award-winning cross-disciplinary teaching and curriculum design (>)
    • Instructing and mentoring over 200 students in Critical Theory
  • Interdisciplinary conference, workshop, and exhibit organization/curation (>)
    • Manage projects from start to finish: didactic programming, fundraising, logistics, team management, event planning, marketing, graphic design, and art direction


PhD in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Emory University Magna Cum Laude | Laney Graduate & Mellon Fellowships
(2014 – 2020)

  • Designed a Brain-Computer Interface Installation based on EEG data sonification and visualization (>)
  • Dissertation: “Tender Rhythms.” Combining feminist theory, psychology, philosophy, and neuroscience (>)
  • 3 years of graduate coursework
  • Comprehensive Exams on 120 books and articles
  • 5 years of teaching and curriculum design (>)
  • 4 years of psychotherapy training at Emory Psychoanalytic Institute
  • Recipient of multiple Research and Teaching awards among which from The American Psychology Society, The International Psychoanalytic Society, The Neuropsychoanalytic Society, etc (>)
  • Funded by Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellowship ($23.250) and Laney Graduate School Fellowship ($116.000).

Visiting Student | Johns Hopkins University (2013 – 2014) Fulbright Fellowship

  • Graduate seminars on feminist, queer, and critical race theory
  • Funded by Fulbright Fellowship ($10.000) and American Woman Club of Brussels Award ($5.000)

BA, MA and MPhil in Philosophy | KU Leuven
(2004 – 2011) Magna Cum Laude | Erasmus Siena

  • Focus on philosophy of gender, sexuality, psychology, and law
  • Erasmus Exchange Università degli Studie di Siena, Italy